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  The Whey Prescription
The Healing Miracle in Milk

An introduction to the powerful healing properties of whey

  • Explains how whey acts as a powerful detoxifying agent
  • Reveals the effectiveness of whey against diseases affecting the heart, liver, kidneys, and intestines and in controlling obesity, high cholesterol, and heigh blood pressure
  • Shows how this healing agent is now easily and readily available


  • The History of Whey
  • What is Whey
  • The Nutritional Substances in Whey
  • The Healing Properties of Whey
  • Principal Indications for the Whey Cure
  • The Practice of the Cure
  • Supplementing the Whey Cure
  • The Basic Principles of Detoxification Cures

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  a la decouverte de soi

96 pages
Healing Arts Press
ISBN-10 : 1-59477-127-8
ISBN-13 : 978-1 59477-127-9
$9.95 (Canada $ 12.75)
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