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  Restoring Your Intestinal Flora
The key to Digestive Wellness

About the book


Our intestinal flora perform a large number of duties—far more than just aiding digestion. Recent research has revealed that our intestinal flora help fight off infections by killing microbes and viruses, increase our resistance to allergens and inflammation, cleanse our internal systems by neutralizing toxins, and even support our moods and energy levels by interacting with hormones and neurotransmitters.

This easy-to-follow guide explains how to restore balance to your microbiome. It examines the many functions of intestinal flora and their role in a healthy immune system, including their anti-inflammatory effects and role in the creation of lymphocytes. It explores the major causes of weakened flora, especially the overuse of antibiotics and the overconsumption of refined, low-fiber foods, and it outlines the ailments and diseases that can result, such as bloating, food intolerance, mood swings, fungal infections, and greater susceptibility to colds and flu.

Offering step-by-step methods, this book explains how to restore the flora after taking medications such as antibiotics, how to support your flora with the ingestion of prebiotics: high-fiber foods that provide essential nutrients for good gut health, and how to strengthen your flora with probiotics: foods or supplements that facilitate the regeneration of healthy intestinal flora. The book explores simple changes you can make in your eating and drinking habits to support your microbiome as well as practices to keep the flora of the colon out of the intestinal environment where they can wreak havoc.

Providing everything you need to know for optimum digestive wellness, this book shows that repairing the balance of your intestinal flora is simple and accessible to anyone.

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144 pages
Healing Art Press
ISBN 978-1-64411-093-5
Available at your bookshop
or at Inner Traditions
$ 14.99


Part 1
What Is the Intestinal Flora?

  • Microorganisms and
    Intestinal Flora
  • The Functions of Intestinal
  • Intestinal Flora and Immune
  • Enemies of the Intestinal
  • Intestinal Flora Imbalance
    and Disease

Part 2
How to Restore Your Intestinal

  • Feeding the Bacteria
    of Fermentation with Prebiotics
  • Repopulating the Bacteria
    of Fermentation with Probiotics
  • Reducing the Flora
    of Putrefaction