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  Narural Remedies for inflammation



Part One: The Inflammation Syndrome

  • 1. The Body's Defenses
    Inflammation Reactions
  • 2. Physical Effects of Inflammation
    Redness, Swelling, Pain, and Heat
  • 3. Fifty Illnesses Characterized
    by Inflammation Common
    Examples of Inflammation Symptoms
  • 4. How Anti-Inflammatory Substances
    Work The Biochemistry of Inflammation

Part Two: Natural Substances That Fight Inflammation

  • 5. Eighteen Anti-Inflammatory
  • Plants Cortisone Stimulators,
  • Inflammation Blockers, and Antihistamines
  • 6. Supplements and Diets
    for Fighting Inflammation Omega-3s
    and Alkaline Minerals
  • 7. Hydrotherapy The Anti-Inflammatory
    Effect of Cold Water

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  a la decouverte de soi

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