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  The Detox Mono Diet
The Miracle Grape Cure and Other Cleansing Diets

An introduction to the healing effects of fasting using just one type of food:

  • Includes Johanna Brandt's grape cure with the author's advice and commentary
  • Explains why mono diets are so effective at cleansing and restoring the internal cellular environment
  • Shows how to interpret your body's signals to adapt the diet to your unique needs


  • The True Nature of Illnesses and Therapy
  • Fasting
  • Cleansing Enemas
  • The Grape Mono Diet
  • The Raw Food Diet
  • Indications and Contraindications to the Grape Mono Diet
  • The Practical Guide to the Cure

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70 pages
Healing Arts Press
ISBN 0892 81099 - 8
$12.95 - £7.23
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