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  Liver Detox
Cleansing through Diet, Herbs and Massage



How Well Does Your Liver Function?
A Self-Diagnosis Checklist Introduction.
The Importance of a Healthy Liver

Part 1
Understanding the Liver and How It Works

  • Why Detoxify Your Liver?
  • Anatomy of the Liver
  • Role and Function of the Liver
  • Diseases of the Liver

Part 2
How To Detoxify Your Liver

  • Dietary Reform
  • Medicinal Plants for Liver Health
  • Stimulating the Liver with Heat, Exercise, and Massage
  • Treating the Liver via the Intestines
  • Treatment Protocols

The Importance of a Healthy Liver
I regularly suffer from digestive problems. I do not seem to be able to eat a number of foods without discomfort. I feel heavy and often experience stomach pains, as well as headaches. I often feel tired and lack enthusiasm. Furthermore, I have acne and I’m often constipated . . .

Stop! How long are you going to tolerate these problems? You may believe they are inevitable and there is nothing you can do about them, but they are all only symptoms of an overtaxed liver. By cleansing and detoxifying your liver, eliminating all the wastes, fats, and toxins that overburden it, you will be able to regenerate it. This will allow you to get rid of all those tedious problems and you will recover both your health and vitality.

Physical health depends on the good functioning of all the body’s organs. When just one of these organs becomes weak, the entire body suffers. Although each and every organ is vitally important, the liver is particularly crucial since it clears the way for the other organs to do their jobs.

With more than 500 different functions, the liver surpasses all other organs. It is the first line of defense in confronting toxins and toxic substances that enter the organism from outside, which makes it the major defender and protector of the body.

When the liver is unable to perform its given task, the organic cellular terrain becomes increasingly saturated with unwanted subs-tances. According to the principles of natural medicine, this collection of harmful substances is the starting point for the vast majority of our diseases, because the body is under attack and therefore prevented from functioning properly.

We live in a culture that promotes overeating, over-medication, and widespread consumption of stimulants. We also have significant amounts of environmental pollution coming from our air, water, pesticides in our food, and toxics in everyday products that have become nearly impossible to avoid. All of these elements place a heavy demand upon the liver, causing it to become congested with wastes.

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