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  Good sugar - Bad sugar   



Understanding the Harmful
Effects of Bad Sugars

  • The Overconsumption of Refined Sugar: A Brief History

  • The Good Sugars and the Bad Sugars: Whole vs. Refined

  • Carbohydrates: The Major Sugar Family

  • Blood Sugar Level: Variations and Regulation

  • Diseases Caused by Bad Sugars:
    From Deficiencies to Diabetes

  • Reactive Hypoglycemia: Body Disturbances and Sugar Dependency

  • Test Yourself for Reactive Hypoglycemia: Diet and Symptoms Questionnaires

  • The Glycemic Index: Food Rankings and Their Effect on Blood Sugar Levels

  • A practical Guide to Replacing
    Bad sugars with Good Sugars

  • Identifying and Eliminating Bad Sugars

  • Eating Good Sugars—Options and Replacements

  • Eating Enough Slow Sugars

  • Adding Proteins to Extend the Glycemic Curve

  • Making Breakfast a Priority

  • Evaluating Other Causes of Energy Depletion and Sugar Cravings

  • About the book

    Sugar is one of the most valuable nutritive substances for the human body, as it supplies the body with the fuel it needs to function properly.

    Every motor requires a specific fuel in order to run: gas or electricity for automobiles, electricity for the vacuum cleaner, coal for a steam locomotive, and so on. Our “organic motor”—our physical body—is no exception to this rule, and its fuel is sugar. When it is burned in the cells, sugar provides the body with the essential energy it needs to successfully carry out its various tasks.

    Sugar is, therefore, beneficial for the body. But we often hear of its many harmful effects: it attacks tooth enamel and causes cavities, it leads to weight gain, it causes diabetes, and so on. How can a substance be both beneficial and harmful at the same time? In fact, there are good and bad forms of sugar. The good sugars are the ones offered by nature in the forms of fruit, honey, grains, and potatoes. The bad sugars are those that are man-made. These include refined white sugar, refined starches, such as all-purpose flour, that convert to sugar in the body, and all the food products that are based on them: candies, soft drinks, chocolate, white bread, white-flour pasta, and so on. People in the Western world consume vast quantities of bad sugars.

    As a result, there are numerous health problems, yet unaware of the source of their problems, the unwell and the sick continue to ingest the very sugars that caused their health to decline. The purpose of this book is to show how these bad sugars have invaded our diet and jeopardized our health, and to offer guidelines for diet correction or improvement. It will explain how to get rid of the bad sugars and what to replace them with, and where to find the good sugars. It will also discuss how to reduce cravings for sweets and ensure optimum results in the body’s production of energy.

    All these measures are intended to allow readers to protect themselves against diseases and disorders created by sugar, and show them how to take full advantage of a higher level of energy—one that will engender enthusiasm and joy in life.

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