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  The Spiritual Mysteries of Blood
Its Power to Transform Body, Mind, and Spirit


  • Why do we eat?
  • What is the spirit?
  • The true purpose of the blood
  • Factors That Influence the Blood
  • Blood’s Influence on the Spirit
  • The Spirit’s Influence on the Blood
  • Changing Blood Radiation through Food

Since the beginning of time, human beings have been fascinated with the blood. At one time it was considered to be sacred in relation to our life and our spirit. Today, scientific research has relegated the role of the blood to being only physiological. What is the answer to this? What is the true role of the blood? Is it limited to simply irrigating the body? In this book , many examples demonstrate that the role of the blood is not only to nourish the cells, but it also serves as a bridge or connecting element between the non-material spirit of man and his physical body. The quality of this connection is directly affected by the variations in the composition of the blood. We can easily understand that all material changes, such as food diets, taking medications or the fluctuations in hormonal secretions can induce particular states of being and likewise influence our psychic state. The knowledge of this unrecognized role of the blood allows us to have a better understanding of ourselves and opens the door to new therapeutic horizons.

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