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The sex of the child – a mere coincidence?

Whether a boy or a girl enters the world in a particular family is generally regarded as the result of coincidence. Because seen genetically the sex is defined through the X-chromosome (female) or the Y-chromosome (male), which is carried by the male sex cells that fertilise the egg cell. If the sperm carries an X-chromosome, then this joins up with the X-chromosome of the female egg cell, and the child will be of female sex. Is the sperm a carrier of the Y-chromosome, the child will be male. Since the egg cells are only ever carriers of an X-chromosome, it is the male cells which decide the sex of the child. Biology assumes that pure chance decides which of the 400 million sperm that are trying to reach the egg cell succeeds in fertilising. So is the sex of a human being really only a product of chance?   


Coincidence or foresight?

It shows itself on closer inspection that behind the apparent coincidence there are obviously steering and anticipating powers at work.
Since, conditioned by their emergence, there are always the same number of X as well as Y-chromosome carriers among the sperm, the likelihood of boys or girls being born would be exactly equal. In fact, female and male birth are approximately in balance worldwide and one speaks therefore of a “balanced birth-rate”.
Being very exact, however, there are 49 per cent female births to 51 per cent male. For every 100 girls being born there are roughly 104 boys born. The reason being that during pregnancy, during birth and within the first year of life, more boys than girls are dying. Nature compensates for this biological weakness through a greater number of boys so that the birth-rate does remain balanced.
But one recognises thereby that the emergence of physical gender does not happen by chance, but is steered by a foreseeing power.
And yet another regulating phenomenon shows that this apparent chance follows some higher lawfulness: During the post-war times, when the female share of the population predominates because many men have been killed in the fighting, there is always a clear increase in male births, until the discrepancy of male representatives in the population has again been levelled out.
Nature obviously works towards a position where the share of women and men on earth is balanced. But why? The continued existence of mankind does not depend on this balance, because few women can give birth to many children or many women can bear few children; so from the biological viewpoint there could easily be an imbalance.
The reason for this balance lies in the spiritual plane. Because, if considered more profoundly, the gender of a human being defines itself not through the physical differences, but through its inner orientation: The female type of being is more sensitive, more inward turning, receptive, while the male type of being is more active, more adventurous, therefore more outwardly directed.
Both types are equally important and are meant to supplement each other in all human activities on earth.
Any society that would for instance be 80 per cent male and would therefore follow an unthinking urge for adventure, discovery and conquest, would be lacking the intuitive, more moderating influence of the woman.
One can well imagine that such a society would throw itself without hesitation into great projects and wild adventures, but that these ventures would soon “peter out”, because the energy is directed too much towards the outside and too little value has been attached to maintenance and protection.
Conversely, a society consisting to 80 per cent of women would be concentrating too much on the protection of what has been gained. The inside would be sound but there would be no big front decisively striving for something new.
The maintenance of the equilibrium between the sexes on earth is therefore the expression of a higher wisdom, which favours the harmonious co-operation of active and passive powers, whereby humanity as a whole can come to unfold. Because men as well as women are in need of the supplementing powers that are not inherent in their own sex.


A controlled race

Whether a boy or a girl enters this world has a very different effect on the parents. It gives a totally different hue to their life and the experiences they will make. One might also assume that based on this far-reaching fact the gender does not depend only on the outcome of a race between “X” and “Y”.
What is really decisive in the actual individual case is in the end the (female or male) type of soul, which has to fit in with the development needs of the parents.
It is the parents who offer a soul the opportunity to incarnate. They make the fertilisation possible and are the point of origin not only for all the physical processes, but also for all the radiation processes that finally flow into an incarnation.
A mother, who needs a son, for instance, radiates out in a very special way, very different from if she were in need of a daughter. Certain radiations create a certain surrounding that on the physical plane makes it possible for a certain type of sperm to win that race for the possibility of fertilisation.
The development needs of the parents can naturally change over time, so that the children of one family can be of different sexes. But it is in any case never coincidence that controls the “race of the genders”.


Deliberately choosing the sex of the child

Although therefore a certain lawfulness safeguards that all incarnations serve higher aims, man has long tried to define the sex of a child according to personal wishes and ideas.
Many methods were used: Magic rituals and talismans were meant to help, special medicinal potions, diets, the observance of phases of the moon and so on. Fortunately these methods were not reliable. Meanwhile, however, some medicinal methods have been developed which promise high rates of success in working deliberately with certain sperms.
With the development of these methods the human being now appears to be able to choose the gender of his child. But what may initially seem to be an advance, is basically not so. Because which parents could say of themselves that they have sufficient wisdom to come to an adequate decision about which kind of soul fits in with them?
One would do better to trust nature and its lawfulness. Because then that can come about within the mystery of the birth, which is spiritually most advantageous for the inner development of all concerned.


The secret of mother love

When a human birth has taken place, then the many fine threads that made the incarnation possible and have connected the mother with the child during pregnancy, continue to exist.
This human attachment is very important because this tiny human being – contrary to certain types of animal, who after birth are soon up on their own legs – is totally dependent on its mother. It can neither feed itself nor move or defend itself.
These fine connecting threads allow the mother to know how things are with her child and what it needs. She can for instance already anticipate that the child is thirsty, that it is feeling too hot or that something is disturbing it. The mother can even be busy in another room and still suddenly feel that the child needs her. She can seemingly without reason awaken in the middle of the night, only to hear moments later the cries of her child.
These fine connecting threads belong to what we call “mother love”, the complete dedication of the mother to the little being. As a rule, this natural urge develops with a woman automatically and includes in the beginning especially the care for everything physical – food, protection, care –, until it expands itself to supporting the child’s learning of how to move or to speak. 
But with time this special kind of love tends to lessen and one day the moment comes when the child, having become a young adult, can care for itself. The mother love should then have made way for another kind of love, which is adequate to friendly relations between adults of equal standing.
The young human being will leave the family nest to fly on its own wings. And the parents can now be satisfied that they have fulfilled their task, which consisted in offering a soul the chance to incarnate and in preparing it for its further stay on this earth …

Christopher Vasey


Article based on the knowledge of the Grail Message